How it Works

The key to Dr. Patino’s plan is the Glycemic Index, a revolutionary understanding of the science behind how our bodies metabolism converts food into either fat or energy.  By understanding the mechanisms involved, we can sculpt our dietary intake to create a fat burning machine that runs lean and healthy.

For a complete discussion of how the Glycemic Index works, and how our bodies utilize this system, pick up a copy of “The Age of Globesity: Entering the Perfect Storm” in our marketplace!

So how do we avoid this dangerous fat production cycle?  Let’s take a look at the steps involved…


1. Limit or eliminate our ingestion of high GI foods.

Science has shown us that certain foods create far higher spikes of insulin then others, which creates a waterfall effect of issues that lead to fat storage, as well as numerous other health issues.  By avoiding these items and replacing them with healthier alternatives, we cut the cycle of fat production off at the source, thus turning our bodies into efficient machines that develop the energy we need, when we need it.


2. Increase our intake of low GI foods.

Just as we have developed an understanding of what not to eat, we also have expanded our knowledge of what foods we CAN eat.  Lean protiens, low GI carbohydrates, healthy fats and other elements all combine to create an exceptional recipe for a lifestyle that creates energy and destroys fat.

The key is knowing what to eat, and we can teach you.


3. Support our dietary regiment with exercise.

While the PATINO DIET will work without any additional elements, it will work best when combined with an exercise regiment.  Remember that a healthy diet is only one element in a healthy lifestyle! We highly suggest that you seek out a professional to craft an exercise regiment for your specific needs.


4. A nutri-pharmaceutical regiment crafted to your needs.

Our bodies don’t just need food, they need vitamins and minerals to operate at peak efficiency.  This important topic will be the subject of future material from the PATINO DIET, as it requires considerable attention and detail.


Sound simple?  It is!  Take a look at the information on Stage 1: Lifestyle Change, for a sneak peak at how the PATINO DIET sculpts your body into the fat burning machine it was meant to be!

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