Stop wasting time on fad diets and calorie counting, make the lifestyle change that works!

The Patino Diet

Are you sick of counting carbs and fad diets that fail to deliver on their promises? By following the guidelines of our simple diet, you can change your lifestyle and craft your body into a fat burning machine!  We utilize proven science to provide you with a simple diet that YOU control, from what you eat to when you eat, allowing you to steer your way to a thinner, healthier you!

The Science

The PATINO DIET utilizes the Glycemic Index to help you change your life.  By limiting your intake of high GI foods, you can prevent your body from storing fat and keep it producing energy.  In effect, you prevent your insulin levels from spiking by limiting the amount of glucose your body ingests, which results in all of your food being converted directly into the energy you need!

About Dr. Patino

Dr. Patino is not only the creator of the PATINO DIET, but also the first success story! In the two months after he started with the program, he dropped from 236 to 207 lbs, with his body fat decreasing from over 20% to under 9.3% (according to dexascan). Trust the diet from Medical Doctor that practices what he preaches, with the body to show for it!

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